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Dear Customers and friends,

In order to offer modern and better premisses to our employees, customers, suppliers and anyone interested in our work, Fairclough Corporation Pty Ltd, trading as C.A.T.E.R - Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research has relocated!

Our main telephone and fax number +61 (08) 9300 9697 remains the same. If you have any difficulties trying to reach us, please try our mobile phones.
We hope to see you soon! Our new address is:

1/6 Bombardier Road


W.A. 6065

P +61 (08) 9300 9697

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Tariff Exclusion Appeal is Successful

March 2013

Fairclough Corporation, trading as C.A.T.E.R in Perth, Western Australia has successfully appealed the claim by Railcorp NSW to be exempt from tariffs for vehicle mounted rail inspection systems.


London Rail goes Australian in Portable Ultrasonic Testing

February 2013

After an exhaustive selection process, Transport for London (TfL), which includes London Underground (LUL) and Tubelines, has contracted C.A.T.E.R for supply of the HANDWave SRT (Single Rail) and DRT (Dual Rail) ultrasonic testing unit. The successful bid identified ease of use and accurate information analysis as critical determining factors in TfL's decision.


HANDWave Series II has First Global Release in United Kingdom

February 2013

The most featured and advanced portable ultrasonic rail testing system, HANDWave by C.A.T.E.R, has won full approval for Network Rail and Transport for London (LUL and TubeLines) use in the United Kingdom.


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