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Rail Audit Systems. Systems Engineering


Fairclough Corporation

Fairclough Corporation Pty Ltd was formed to improve rail flaw detection (RFD) accuracy, repeatability and ease of use. From experience and expertise through many years in the rail industry which has led to the ULTRAWave and RIPWave analysis systems.
Our company was formed in 1996 and was fully operational by January 1997. Initially, we concentrated on improving service and maintenance support for rail instrumentation systems.

This has expanded into a successful product range offering electronic computer track measurement and advanced user-orientated software systems. With our continued expansion, we opened the Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (C.A.T.E.R) to meet the growing demand for technical research and product development.

The initial business was to provide service and maintenance support for rail inspection instrumentation. This has now expanded into the current range of products and services demonstrating arguably world's best practice.

Focus: Skilled Research

C.A.T.E.R (Fairclough Corporation Pty Ltd 1996) has an extensive background in Research & Development.
Our main focus of business is developing, trialling, testing and prototyping rail specific inspection instrumentation with a commercial potential.


Providing reliable rail flaw detection system since 1997

Our Services

Rail Audit- Survey Service for Targeted Asset Management; A comprehensive Perway survey service providing information leading to genuine condition monitoring and related budgeting advantages using a range of rail specific inspection tools.

Systems Engineering- Engineering for Specific Solutions; Customer-driven research and development responding to specific needs related to rail inspection tools and technologies.

Contract Rail Testing- Service Provision for PerWay Inspection; Complete rail inspection services to rail networks on a regular basis to provide information for accurate maintenance needs.


Rail Audit

Survey Service for Targeted Asset Management

Leads to targeted maintenance planning for reduced personnel and materials' costs. Planning can focus on 'areas of interest' for managing personnel and materials in a more strategic and cost-effective way.

Efficient planning also aids reducing costs by:

- Maintaining rail safety

- Avoiding environmental damage

- Reducing rail traffic disruptions for passenger and freight lines

Systems Engineering

Engineering for Specific Solutions

We have a strong focus on research, development, prototyping and testing of products for commercial readiness. In collaboration with customers, comprehensive rail specific solutions are developed to enhance individual maintenance programmes and address particular concerns.


Contract Rail Testing

Service Provision for PerWay Inspection

Complete rail inspection services to rail networks on a regular basis to provide information for accurate maintenance needs.

If you are considering the cost of rail inspections, consider the cost of not inspecting

Our Products

Our core product is ULTRAWave. An Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection (RFD) System that uses ultrasound to detect potentially flawed sections of the rail track which require investigation or repair. It is a cost effective tool to identify flawed rail before an accident or derailment happens.

C.A.T.E.R provides a suite of proven, reliable and efficient Rail Inspection systems with tailored solutions for each rail network.

We can supply an ultrasonic testing solution as a turnkey supply or as part of a larger rail network inspection project. We can also supply project management and product design, supply, shipping, commissioning and training.



Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection System (RFD)

ULTRAWave is a proven method to analyse the internal structure of the rail as internal defects cannot be seen from visual inspection.
C.A.T.E.R uses the latest technologies to offer the most comprehensive equipment choices based on many years of rail industry experience. We provide a complete rail inspection system developed to the highest engineering standards.

ULTRAWave Compact

Compact Rail Flaw Detection System

The ULTRAWave Compact system is adaptable to a trolley or a light weight vehicle.

The ULTRAWave control and display software can be configured to perate on a notebook computer with single monitor for portable systems, or it can be configured to operate on a computer with multiple monitors for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Post Processing Analysis

Powerful software program designed for post-run analysis and reporting incorporating various information types and sources.

This software can collate, combine, compare and analyse legacy and current information


Video Identification & Analysis Viewer

VIDWave Inspects rail, sleepers (ties), ballast and other Permanent Way assets and infrastructure Visual confirmation and cross correlation of information collected from other inspection systems. Records PerWay condition for maintenance and safety assessment



Portable Ultrasonic Rail Inspection System

Pedestrian type Single and Dual Rail Testers for flaw and rail condition analysis.

Reaches hard to access areas

A robust and lightweight ultrasonic rail flaw detection tool with powerful detection, display and processing features which collapses quickly for easy transport

Our Objectives

Rail networks are seeking effective inspection techniques.
Our company's objective is to make usable technology that improves productivity and safety

Condition Monitoring is the aim of rail networks to reduce costs associated with time, materials and personnel.
The C.A.T.E.R goal of recording and reporting information is to lead to targeted and predictive maintenance regimes.

International Market

C.A.T.E.R's is an international supplier and developer of significant engineering services and technology for measurement and flaw detection systems in rail transport worldwide.

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The most cost effective and flexible range of portable ultrasonic systems, HANDWave SRT and DRT

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