The most cost effective and flexible range of portable ultrasonic systems, HANDWave SRT and DRT

Operators are in control of time and costs with the choice of Single, Dual and Towed portable RFD.

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Fully featured Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection Systems, ULTRAWave on RRV and RBV

Comprehensive analysis by multi-function vehicles combining proven ultrasonics with an extensive range of inspection systems.

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Effective Vision and Imaging Systems for flaw verification and asset management, VLIDS

Accurate visual assessment eases the burden on operators and reduces critical maintenance time.

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Powerful Analysis and Reporting Package for genuine condition monitoring, RIPWave

A comprehensive software tool able to incorporate differing types of information for benchmarking and run-on-run comparison.

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Welcome to C.A.T.E.R

Rail Specific Inspection Instrumentation

C.A.T.E.R inspection systems and services have been developed from a combination of excellent engineering and a clear understanding of the needs of the modern global rail industry.

With a passion for continuous development, unique and effective solutions are now available through a network of capable and like-minded representative companies.

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Press Release

HANDWave Series II has First Global Release in United Kingdom

February 2013

The most featured and advanced portable ultrasonic rail testing system, HANDWave by C.A.T.E.R, has won full approval for Network Rail and Transport for London (LUL and TubeLines) use in the United Kingdom.


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