System Engineering

Engineering for Specific Solutions

C.A.T.E.R has a strong focus on research, development, prototyping and testing of products for commercial readiness

In collaboration with customers, comprehensive rail specific solutions are developed to enhance individual maintenance programmes and address particular concerns

Our guiding principles of solution development are

  • ease of use
  • high reliability
  • ease of maintenance
  • cost effectiveness
  • industry standards
  • a regard to core culture issues

Skill-based Research and Development

Each member of our team is adaptable, multi-skilled collaborative and directly accessible to the client. We share our clients’ vision and demonstrate responsiveness to changing needs.

The diversity of engineering, electronics, business and transport experience within our company gives us confidence that we can satisfy our customers’ requirements for cutting edge, user-friendly and quality products.

The aim is to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

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