Rail/Road Intelligent Permanent Way Analysis and Viewing System (RIPWave)

Comprehensive and Inclusive Post Processing Analysis

Powerful software program designed for post-run analysis and reporting incorporating various information types and sources.

  • Collates:
    • incorporates information from all C.A.T.E.R instrument systems
    • imports historical test data including legacy data formats
    • incorporates different information technologies into a uniform report
  • Synchronises:
    • run-on-run comparison of a selected location or over a particular time period
    • different types of test information referenced on a selected location or a particular time
  • Exports Reports in various formats for adding information to existing client database systems (i.e. MS Excel)
  • Screen shots and images can be attached for analysis and recording in reports
  • Accurate measuring tools are available during analysis
  • User-friendly interface to move quickly and easily between different test information
  • Powerful graphics tools allow the information to be viewed easily
  • Information is viewed and shared in industry recognisable format, not exclusive proprietory
  • Flaw trending and condition monitoring is enhanced by incorporating different formats and information into one uniform report for improved decision making
  • By synchronising various information sources for a chosen location leads to more accurate and comprehensive monitoring of that location
  • Accurate information leads to improved Maintenance budget management
  • Can be individually configured for a customerís needs
  • Industry recognisable formats allow for greater portability and inclusion into existing databases

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