Rail Audit

Survey Service for Targeted Asset Management

Reports offer the opportunity for genuine condition monitoring leading to reduced budget needs

Collects a variety of rail environment information for informed decision making

Can be tailored to individual needs of each customerís rail network


Inspection Technologies available include

  • ULTRAWave- ultrasonics for flaw identification
  • MAGWave- Eddy current and the like for surface condition and asset identification
  • VLIDS- imaging for flaw verification and asset location
  • GPR- ground penetrating radar for ballast and substructure integrity
  • TG- track geometry for accurate rolling stock tracking and safety
  • including gauge, twist, cross level, left and right versine, superelevation

Information can be collated, synchronised and aligned during post processing for accurate and comprehensive analysis.
Reports are generated in a uniform format from the range of selected Inspection technologies.
Geophysical mapping graphics are an optional report format for accurate visual location.


Leads to targeted maintenance planning for reduced personnel and materialsí costs. Planning can focus on 'areas of interest' for managing personnel and materials in a more strategic and cost effective way.

Efficient planning also aids reducing costs by

  • maintaining rail safety
  • avoiding environmental damage
  • reducing rail traffic disruptions for passenger and freight lines

Regular test regime develops benchmarks (base knowledge) of network assets
Establishes rates of deterioration for particular consumable assets

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