Multi function rail and road capable vehicle

Rail/Road Vehicle typically referred to as a Hirail or Hyrail

C.A.T.E.R recommends non-stop testing regimes. Non-stop testing methodology has been used continuously and successfully employed in the Japanese rail industry for over a decade

C.A.T.E.R can supply donor truck base from various suppliers as a turnkey system or can supply instrumentation only for customerís local supply

Functions available

  • ULTRAWave ultrasonic rail flaw detection
  • also measures rail height and identifies corrosion
  • VLIDS Imaging system for asset assessment
  • TG measuring gauge, left and right versine, superelevation, cross level, twist and corrugation
  • RPM measures Rail Profile measurement
  • Other measurements as required

  • Comfortable and secure vehicle for Operators
  • Accommodates all Inspection equipment in a single vehicle
  • No loss of RFD performance compared to RBV

  • Reduces testing time by employing simultaneous tasks in a single testing run
  • Rail traffic disruptions are reduced
  • Cost efficient alternative to Rail Bound Vehicles
  • reduced initial cost
  • reduced ongoing maintenance costs


RRV - Multifunctional
Rugged vehicle base
Less rail traffic distruption
Spacious and comfortable

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