HANDWave Single Rail Tester

Powerful and Portable RFD

HANDWave SRT is a portable ultrasonic single rail testing system based on the proven ULTRAWave ultrasonic RFD system from C.A.T.E.R.

A high performing ultrasonic rail flaw detection tool that allows one pass analysis.

Rail specific design for

  • sidings, depots, yards
  • spot checks for typical ‘no-test’ areas
  • flaw and weld verification

Modes of Operation

  • Hand verification uses A-Scans as in traditional NDT/UT Hand testers with hand held probes to verify type and position of flaw
  • Regular RFD testing uses C-Scans to locate, detect and cross verify track condition
  • 5 ultrasonic channels recording simultaneously
  • Uses Wheel Probe (RSU) technology (not skid type)
  • Can be used with the other ULTRAWave RFD information
  • Dual mode of Hand verification and Continuous track testing for;
    • close investigation by verifying and sizing of possible flaws
    • regular track testing with similar performance to larger RFD vehicle
  • Superior graphics with A and C-Scan displays
  • Runs on PC based hardware and can include other RFD information for immediate comparison
  • Information can be shared by standard PC function
  • GPS location can be linked with recorded information
  • All components are IP65 rated or above for all weather use
  • Unit is collapsible
  • All components such as processing module, water tank and battery are easily and quickly removed from frame when needed.
  • One pass for simultaneous analysis reduces on-rail time
  • PC based hardware for ease of maintenance and reduced replacement costs
  • Easy removal of PC from frame for office use and for safe storage
  • Easy lifting allows quick removal from track in live traffic use by one person
  • Less storage space is required when unit is collapsed
  • Easy removal of components allows for ease of transporting or for replacement


Video of HANDWave SRT

       HANDWave SRT
     Efficient and effective
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