Formation and Values

Fairclough Corporation Pty Ltd was formed to improve rail flaw detection (RFD) accuracy, repeatability and ease of use. From experience and expertise through many years in the rail industry this has led to the ULTRAWave and RIPWave analysis systems.

Our company was formed in 1996 and was fully operational by January 1997. Initially, we concentrated on improving service and maintenance support for rail instrumentation systems. This has expanded into a successful product range offering electronic computer track measurement and advanced user-orientated software systems.  With our continued expansion, we opened the Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (C.A.T.E.R)  to meet the growing demand for technical research and product development.

The initial business was to provide service and maintenance support for rail inspection instrumentation.  This has now expanded into the current range of products and services demonstrating arguably world’s best practice. 

Core Values in dealings with

  • openness and honesty
  • mutually best possible solution

Suppliers and Employees
  • consideration for core cultural values
  • integrity and fairness

Design Parameters
  • ease of use
  • high reliability
  • ease of maintenance
  • cost effectiveness (ROI)
  • industry best practice standards

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