Rail Inspection Solutions

A full complement of rail assessment products

ULTRAWave   Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection (RFD, UT, NDT)
  • extensive RFD experience and expertise, particularly non-stop testing
  • robust and low maintenance RFD systems
  • flexible configurations for customer responsive solutions

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VLIDS   Imaging and Vision systems for Permanent Way status
  • track infrastructure recording
  • signal position, track envelope and overhead structure clearance
  • track asset location and specific flaw identification
  • weld identification and condition
  • sleeper (tie) and (missing) clip
  • joint, frog, switch, turnout, rail end

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MAGWave   Surface Condition
  • typical ‘no test areas’ suffering from severe spalling or shelling
  • specific asset identification and location

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Other Inspection techniques such as
  • Track Geometry (TG) for accurate rolling stock tracking and safety
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for ballast integrity and substructure assessment
  • Rail Profile Measurement (RPM) for grinding and maintenance regimes
  • Overhead Catenary measurement for electrified network areas

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RIPWave   Post Processing software and Analysis systems for genuine Condition Monitoring

This software can collate, combine, compare and analyse legacy and current information

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A range of Rail Inspection-specific vehicles to carry the instrumentation

n.b. Customer may supply new rolling stock or retrofit system to existing rolling stock

Hand operated measurement tools

Head Loss and RCF Gauge

  • measures Rail Height and consequent head loss
  • measures Rolling Contact Fatigue from the Gauge Corner

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