Vision and Imaging System for PerWay recording

Video Location and IDentification System (VLIDS)

Inspects rail, sleepers (ties), ballast and other Permanent Way assets and infrastructure
Visual confirmation and cross correlation of information collected from other inspection systems
Records PerWay condition for maintenance and safety assessment
    • High quality, high resolution images
    • Industrial cameras and purpose built lighting systems
    • Robust design for external vehicle mounting
    • Automatically adjusts the picture rate to the speed of the vehicle
    • Can run as a standalone system or integrated into existing track inspection systems
    • Can be retrofitted to existing RFD or track maintenance vehicles and machinery
    • Storage is by HDD and is transferrable by portable media
    • Portable in different formats (typically JPEG)
    • Aligns with other C.A.T.E.R inspection information such as ULTRAWave and MAGWave
    • Accurate location markers included such as GPS, odometer and RFID tags
    • Images recalled in post-processing for identifying
    • Corrosion
    • Identifies and verifies flaws not detected by ultrasonics
    • Rail surface condition
    • Specific items such as fishplates, sleepers, turnout noses, clips  
    Can be configured for individual needs:
    • number and position of cameras used
    • particular artefacts and assets to record
    • speed required of testing vehicle

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