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It is important to Fairclough Corporation Pty Ltd. (FCPL) and the Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (C.A.T.E.R) that we protect the privacy of anyone visiting our website. We want you to feel confident using the Internet to communicate with C.A.T.E.R through this method.

Any information you share with us will be stored in secure databases and distributed only to those FCPL and C.A.T.E.R  employees who have need to use the information. The information obtained is not offered for sale or freely given to third parties.

Emails you send to FCPL and C.A.T.E.R  through our websites will also be treated as confidential and forwarded only to those employees who can be most helpful to you based on the information that you have supplied or requested.

Information received by us through our website will only be shared with third parties as required by law or with your permission.

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