Surface Condition Inspection System

Measures, records and analyses the character of the rail head surface for

  • Rail Audit and survey
  • Weld type (AT or FB), location of specific assets
  • Incorporated with other inspection technologies such as ultrasonics and imaging (ULTRAWave and VLIDS)
  • Line condition and faults such as faulty welds, battered rail ends and spalling
  • Uses a combination of electromagnetic, field sensing inductive, eddy current sensing, linear proximity sensors, rotational sensors and accelerometers to collect information
  • Information processing, analysis and storage is PC based
  • Information can be examined using a Quality Index to rank severity
  • All information linked to accurate location recording (DGPS, odometer, RFID)
  • Collated and aligned with other inspection methodologies in post processing
  • Can be standalone assessment tool or incorporated into regular testing technologies
  • Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) Module can be added
  • Identifies Shelling and Spalling that are typically ‘no test’ RFD areas
  • Examination of certain Transverse Defect (TD) detection under Shelling
  • Rail surface profile for wear predictions such as gauge face running surface problems

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